Hooray! Hip-Hip! Hooray! Ahem… Well for once it falls upon me to be the bearer of good news as everyone’s favourite “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” writer/director Edgar Wright now has two new projects in his very cinematically accomplished pipeline.

Recently Simon Pegg took yet again to his Twitter to announce that firstly The World’s End starts shooting 10 weeks from now and that Wright will then shoot Ant-Man next year.

With a script co-written by Attack the Block’s Joe Cornish and with Wright writing and directing like he always should the story will concern a rather amorphous band of superheroes who all take up the mantle of Ant-Man. Heroes which also happen to be the founding members of The Avengers. Screen Rant manage to pin down its place in the Marvel Universe much better than I ever could but it has to be said that whilst it may fit in the series well will it make any money?

As you read this (and in fact from reading the title) it may strike you that the title isn’t a particularly snappy one. Sure, with such pedigree it’s has a great chance of being a really good film but with a title like that (and lest we forget Scott Pilgrim bombing hard at the box-office) what sort of commercial performance it will produce is another matter entirely. I wish Wright all of the good will in the world but often good will isn’t everything.

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