Somewhere in between Twilight: New Moon and Twilight: Eclipse, Robert Pattinson managed to find time to make another movie for E1 Entertainment called Remember Me. The cast is pretty strong and includes Pierce Brosnan, Emilie de Ravin, Ruby Jerins and the awesome Chris Cooper with Allen Coulter directing.

Synopsis: Remember Me features a talented and critically acclaimed cast including Robert Pattinson in his first major role outside The Twilight Saga, alongside Australian actress Emilie de Ravin, best known for her role in award-winning ABC series Lost. Taking on parental responsibilities are Golden Globe nominee Pierce Brosnan (currently starring in The Ghost), Academy Award® winner Chris Cooper (Adaption) and Academy Award® nominee Lena Olin (Chocolat). The film also stars Tate Ellington (The Shape of Things) and introduces Ruby Jerins in a delightful debut performance.

It’s hard to review a film like this when I am most definitely not the target audience for it. I’m not the greatest Pattinson fan but any movie with featuring Chris Cooper, in my opinion is always worth a look. The movie deals with very difficult subject matters which include losing family members (sometimes in the harshest of circumstances), bullying and friendship.

The casting in Remember Me was a strange one as they’ve cast an Englishman and an Australian in the lead roles and I kept struggling to believe they’re heritage but I think this might come from watching too much Lost and listening to de Ravin’s strong Aussie accent coming through. Neither lead put in a bad performance although watching Robert Pattinson look at the floor, laugh and then put his hand through his hair is always a chore! Maybe that move should be called ‘The Pattinson’ from now on?!

The surprise performance came from newcomer, Ruby Jerins who put in a fabulous effort amidst a very difficult storyline. She performs like she’s being acting for years and I think she’ll be one to watch in future movies.

If you’re not a fan of Pattinson’s work, you probably want to give this one a miss as it’s more of the same, but if you’re a big fan of all things Pattinson, Remember Me won’t disappoint. The acting performances are pretty good if you can get past the accents, and the movie has ending that will you never see coming!

Released is released on DVD & Blu-ray on 26th July.