We saw The Crazies last night and though under a Damoclesean embargo, it was good to see the latest work from screenwriter Scott Kosar, who co-wrote the script along with Ray Wright.

Never one to shy away from remaking a horror classic, Kosar was the man behind the bleakness of 2004 Christian Bale film The Machinist so the news today that Kosar will be reworking the original script for forthcoming Summit Entertainment action Dracula film, Vlad, is potentially a good thing.

The original script was written by Queer as Folk and Green Street actor Charlie Hunnam, but is now about to have Kosar drive his plough over its bones to bring this tale of a pre-fanged Vlad the Impaler in what is being touted as an action packed romp. Just to be clear this is not the Alex Proyas directed, Sam Worthington starring vehicle Dracula: Year Zero, but hey – two more Vamp flicks in our future to compete with the slew of fangy TV dramas and, of course, Twilight, can’t be all bad.

THR had this story here, I’m hoping for a dark and vicious hack and slash affair. Time will tell.