After almost three months since the release of the first set pic from the Footloose remake, we are now graced with a picture Dennis Quaid as a rather annoyed Rev. Shaw Moore (played by John Lithgow in the original).  The image comes to us via director Craig Brewer’s twitter, and most likely the editing room for the film as well.

Unfortunately for me, Footloose is one of those films that I have yet to watch.  As upsetting as it is it just doesn’t remain top of mind with me and everytime I hear about this remake I kick myself for not having seen it yet, especially since Kevin Bacon is in it.

The film stars Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough in the lead roles with Andie MacDowell and Ray McKinnon in supporting roles.  The comedy/musical remake is expected to to hit theaters on October 14th of this year.  Now check out the pissed off Quaid below, a man I undoubtedly believe will play a good killjoy (despite the fact I haven’t seen Lithgow’s performance).