The United States have a TV channel called Starz, who bought them Party Down, the TV series version of Crash and are the ones bringing the new series of Torchwood to the small screen.

They also have a forthcoming show based on Arthurian legend which has a pretty impressive cast including Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes, and there’s a trailer and some images for you all to chew on.

Though the song in the trailer which kicks in around the minute mark is totally incongruous with the images on screen it looks suitably epic with some amazing location work (or it could be CG, which would be disappointing), though it’s very hard to hear Joesph Fiennes and co ride towards the castle, stop and utter in admiration, ‘Camelot…’ without the ghost of Monty Python whispering ‘It’s only a model’ in response.

With the BBC/HBO’s Rome and the recent, blood soaked Starz TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand there is clearly a huge market for historical drama and with the calibre of actors jumping from movies to TV as well as the high quality of the productions this is one to watch.

Here’s the trailer,

Picture time – some promo shots and a few stills from the production,

You’ve got Collider to thank for these.