Peter Morgan and Michael Sheen have a long history of creating some of the most compelling mixtures of fact and fiction in the last decade, with Tony Blair being a regular feature.

And like Helen Mirren in The Queen and David Morrisey’s uncanny turn as Gordon Brown in The Deal it is the turn of Dennis Quaid to star opposite Sheen’s Blair in the forthcoming HBO production of The Special Relationship.

The Playlist have scored the first look at Quaid as Clinton and an extra treat is a shot of Hope Davis looking uncannily like Hilary Clinton.

But surely this will be Sheen’s finest hour, his swansong as Blair and a final chance to see possibly Britain’s finest actor portraying a character he embodies with gravity and honesty, imbuing his performance with a peerless quality.

This film will chart the turbulent times of Blair and Clinton in their parallel premierships, and if it comes close to the excellence of the previous instalments then it well worth keeping an eye on this one, and if you haven’t seen The Deal or The Queen they are really worth your time.