Never in any serious doubt Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern adaptation, starring Mr. Scarlett Johnasson – Ryan Reynolds, was given the green light today, throwing yet another comic book movie into the ring.

This will be Warners and DC’s follow up to the Josh Brolin fronted Jonah Hex, due out sometime this year.

SuperheroHype broke the news today, reporting a post on visual effects supervisor Karen Goulekas’s blog which is neatly succinct:

Wow! Been a long time since I posted! But today is a day worth posting about!
Green Lantern got the official green light today! And not a second too soon – only 10 weeks out from shooting!
While it’s great news we are a go – now we have to actually get our prep done in 10 weeks!

Campbell’s edgy, dark thriller Edge of Darkness, starring Mel Gibson, is out soon and this should prove a suitable tangent to Campbell’s career; it’s exciting to see directors such as Campbell and Kenneth Branagh joining Christopher Nolan in moving into the comic book movie, more proof perhaps of the growth of a genre to mainstream success.

While I know my comic books to a certain extent, The Green Lantern is a new one on me – will those in the know comfirm it’s worth waiting for?