The other big toy movie of the summer of 2009 was met with an eager audience (eager to the tune of 0 million) and a critical reception that praised its live action Team America vibe. It was nonsense, but profitable nonsense.

That it is getting a sequel will surprise no-one, and news is slowly leaking on who will be behind the next rise of Cobra.

Collider’s article on the establishment of a sequel has recently been updated with the news that Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been tasked with writing the next instalment of G.I. Joe.

Clearly these guys are in demand, only yesterday we reported they had been hired to resurrect Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movie.

I’m a fan of these two, particularly after hearing their conversation with Jeff Goldsmith on the Creative Screenwriting Podcast, and I think they’ll bring something a little different to a sequel that could easily rehash the original, peppering itself with a number of obscure character cameos, illuminated in a bouquet of napalm explosions.

It’ll make a mint of course, but here’s hoping it’ll be a worthy use of Reese and Wernick’s time.