Remember watching the end of The Goonies and hearing Data talk to the reporters on the beach about coming face to face with a giant octopus, and thinking “I didn’t see that!”

Turns out this wasn’t a figment of the young inventors’ imagination. You can see the scene below (cut from the film before its cinema release) of our heroes grappling with the aforementioned and rather unthreatening-looking eight-armed sea creature.

This deleted scene features on the Region 1 25th Anniversary disc of the Spielberg-produced family favourite. Some of you may already be familiar with the footage (it featured on the previous DVD), but it’s interesting to note that by omitting this scene from the final cut, director Richard Donner cleverly avoided steering the film into parody (Data defeats the octopus by shoving a walkman in it’s mouth!?!), instead keeping it on the right side of innocent, childlike fun.