Eliza Butterworth

Eliza Butterworth is an actress we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of times already, but given the rising star’s affability, not to mention talent, with an array of wonderful characters she now has to her name, we’re always happy to catch up once again. We’re especially keen to do so to mark the release of new crime series A Town Called Malice, which takes South London to the Costa del Sol. When we spoke to Butterworth last week we spoke about her experiences shooting the show in Spain, and what it was like spending time alongside none other than Martha Plimpton, a performer we of course hold dear to our hearts thanks to her role in The Goonies.

We also look back across Butterworth’s time spent on The Last Kingdom, and what it felt like for her to have sadly missed the movie – though she tells us she hopes one day, she may be setting foot into that world once again. She then talks about the connection she has to the fan base, and her overall perspective on ‘fame’ and all that entails. It’s a really interesting career chat with a performer worth paying attention to – watch the full interview, in its entirety, below.


This intoxicating cocktail of crime thriller and family saga in the early ’80s follows the Lords – a family of South London gangsters – who recognise a golden opportunity to re-capture their former glory on the Costa Del Sol.

A Town Called Malice is out and available to watch now.