Live action remakes seem to be all the trend right now, especially for Disney who have taken the decision to remake that all too cute 1941 animated floppy eared baby elephant film, Dumbo and it’s been revealed that Danny DeVito is currently in talks to join the cast.

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Due to his stage commitments, DeVito’s negotiations is taking a while longer than expected, but if everything goes to plan DeVito will be cast in the role of Medici. The character of Medici runs a small circus that is taken over by the evil big top circus villain Vandemere. Eva Green, who is also in negotiations to join the cast of the adorable elephant film, looks all set to join DeVito in a role as the French Trapeze artist Colette, who works for Vandemere and apparently is a key role in the film.

The casting of Green will also see her team up yet again with director Tim Burton who she worked with on Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children in 2016.

Dumbo - Danny Devito

Production is yet to begin on this classic remake but Scriptwriter, Ehren Kruger (Transformers Age of Extinction, Dark of the Moon and Revenge of the Fallen) and Tron Legacy producer Justin Springer are already on board to get the ball rolling.

Dumbo will be following in the footsteps of last years The Jungle Book, which was a tremendous success, and Beauty and the Beast, which is out in cinemas next week. With Tim Burton at the helm of the live-action Dumbo, we can guarantee Burton’s own unique, gothic style will be immersed in this classic story.

Visually spectacular and just a smidgen peculiar but after his last few projects have taken a bit of a critical bashing will he be able to do justice to this much-loved flying baby elephant?