Exclusive: Danny DeVito discusses his short movie Curmudgeons – with children Jake and Lucy


We here at HeyUGuys are fortunate enough to gain access to some of the greatest movie stars in the world. But few have elicited as much excitement as Danny DeVito, who we had the fortune of meeting – alongside his two children Lucy and Jake, during the London Film Festival, where the trio are presenting their family-made short film, Curmudgeons.

With Danny on directing duties (while also starring in the film), Lucy played the co-lead to the late David Margulies, with Jake producing. Between them comes a beautifully arranged, moving short that is well worth investing (a brief) amount of time in. We asked the three of them about working together, and of course couldn’t resist asking Danny about future project The Comedian, where he stars alongside Robert De Niro, and Triplets… If it ever happens.

Curmudgeons is available to watch online now. A link to the film can be found here.