When relative newcomer Colin Trevorrow landed the job of directing the fourth Jurassic Park film, he only had a small yet popular sci-fi flick to his name.

Following on from Safety Not Guaranteed, the filmmaker is now about to unleash Jurassic World on an audience that can barely contain its excitement.

We spoke to the director about the excitement he felt when he spoke to Steven Spielberg about the project, the relief he is now feeling that the film is complete and how big a gamble it was to take on the project in the first place.

Colin also explained the reasons for casting Chris Pratt in the lead role, the decision to focus on two young brothers in the movie and how the kill count in Jurassic World compares to the previous three films…. (hint: it’s pretty darn high!)

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Jurassic World is released Thursday June 11th.

Jurassic World will open in UK cinemas June 11th 2015