poster 1Steven Knight’s been big news in the last couple of weeks after his latest feature, the British thriller Locke starring Tom Hardy, debuted to phenomenal reviews in Venice, but it’s not just on the big screen that he’s making waves. The writer of Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises has turned to the lawless streets of Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s for his new BBC gangster drama, Peaky Blinders, which boasts a fantastic cast that includes Sam Neill, Helen McCrory, and is led by Cillian Murphy.

We caught up with Steven and Cillian to discuss their new show which begins airing on BBC2 at 9pm on Thursday, September 12th. They discuss what attracted them to telling a story in this little-known but fascinating period in British history, the unique look of the show, and where they plan to take the show in the future should it prove successful. Having seen the first episode of the series already, we’re fairly confident about the show’s prospects, and we highly recommend that you watch when it airs this Thursday. But before you do, check out the interview below which also┬áincludes some great clips from the series.