Nothing to do with movies but hey, it’s topical and Sheen has appeared in movies but….

I was one of those people who was overjoyed to hear that Big Brother would be ending on UK TV last year on Channel 4. With viewing figures plummeting and the novelty wearing off, it was time for the show to die. Then yesterday morning, I see on the BBC website that Channel 5 has format of the rights to the show from Endemol.

Apparently they have paid £200m for a two year deal! Craziness! It doesn’t end there however as The Guardian is reporting that Charlie Sheen is in the fold to appear. I think I’d put this down to a rumour though as looking a little deeper into it, it seems that this news came from the Daily Star Sunday via Channel 5’s owner Richard Desmond who said:

“Charlie Sheen would receive a ‘big money offer’ to appear.”

Well of course he would! Madonna would also be offered a lot of money to appear but that doesn’t mean she will!

Big Brother will be hitting Channel 5 in September with this celebrity special.I guess now I have even more reason to never tune in!