‘John Wick’ helmer Chad Stahelski has revealed further details on the upcoming female-driven spin-off ‘Ballerina’.

Stahelski has confirmed that the ‘Underworld’ franchise filmmaker, Len Wiseman will take the helm on the film. He went on to tell Heat Vision that the film won’t be an exact replica of the Wick franchise but will still be filled with action-packed sequences.

“Having him [Wiseman] on board and approaching some of the action design from a slightly different perspective, meaning the set pieces, the character involvement, how and what he wants to do during the action sequences, makes it kind of fresh.

So, we’re not just copying ourselves over and over again with gun-fu or something like that. And because the character is different, we’re going to get a different take on things.

So, right now, I know that him and Shay [Hatten] are developing Ballerina. I’m not exactly sure what stage it’s at, but it’s something I know that both Lionsgate, Thunder Road and myself would like to see happen sooner rather than later. And from what I’ve heard recently, they’ve got a good angle on it and they’re actively developing.”

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Ballerina follows a young assassin who vows revenge against those that killed her family.

Producer Basil Iwanyk, the man behind John Wick, will produce the film under his Thunder Road production company. Erica Lee, Keanu Reeves, and Chad Stahelski will also serve as producers.