Octonauts: Ready For Action/The Collection – 10th September 2012

2entertain have released a special treat for fans of the popular CBeebies animated show Octonauts with not one, but two DVDs for everyone to enjoy.

For those who may not be familiar with this show, the Octonauts are a team of undersea adventurers who explore the ocean while helping out the many creatures that inhabit it that teaches children while keeping it in a fun and light adventure.

The first DVD is Ready For Action and contains eight episodes from the series and while it is a good price for those who are looking to entertain their children, the second DVD is worth the extra few pounds.

Octonauts: The Collection contains all the episodes from series one to three and with a lot of great episodes from a high-quality animated show, this is worth picking up out of the two and offers a good number of hours to keep children and deep-sea enthusiasts entertained.

Octonauts: Ready For Action [Rating:4/5]

Octonauts: The Collection [Rating:5/5]


Something Special: Mr. Tumble and Me – 10th September 2012

As someone who used to use makaton (a type of sign language for children with learning difficulties and special needs), this is one of my favorite television shows currently airing on the CBeebies channel and this DVD is another good release.

Something Special features Justin Fletcher as he interacts with a small group of children and learn about the various makaton signs on a specific subject matter. Meanwhile, we would also see scenes with Mr. Tumble (played bt Fletcher), a bumbling and lovable character who would act out funny scenes revolving around the words that the children are learning. We will often see the rest of the Tumble family, including Lord Tumble, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble, as they will also be a part of Mr. Tumble’s scenes.

This funny and educational series has already enjoyed previous good releases and this is no exception as it features eight episodes that would make a great gift for fans of Justin and Mr. Tumble.



Baby Jake Loves to Say Hello – 17th September 2012

The last Baby Jake I reviewed was earlier this year and it’s nice to go back to this odd yet interesting show.

For a quick recap, Baby Jake is an animated series about a baby named Jake who goes on magical adventures with his animal friends as his older brother translates to the audience what Jake is saying and doing.

I may not be the biggest fan of Baby Jake compared to young children, but I still appreciate the weird and wonderful use of animation that is visually engaging to look at.

Much like the last DVD, this release contains over an hour of entertainment for children and to keep them busy.


Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great – 24th September 2012

Lastly, Mike the Knight is having his second DVD release that is a welcome addition to anyone’s collection of children’s DVDs.

The popular show stars Mike, a young boy who wants to become a great knight within his homeland of Glendragon who is accompanied by Galahad his pet horse and his two dragon friends Sparkie and Squirt. His sister Evie, a young witch in training, often appears in the series and accidentally causes mayhem with her magic spells for Mike to do it right.

In terms of a computer-animated show, it definitely has a lot of work involved and often looks interesting to look at. While I personally thought the animation was better in the likes of Octonauts and Tree Fu Tom, I still liked the way the characters moved and show clear facial expressions that is understandable as to why children have really picked up on Mike the Knight and has made it very successful.

With a great message behind it and some top-quality content, this will make a great gift for fans and will make a great introduction to those unfamiliar with the show.