To celebrate the release of Dead Water, which is released next week, we sat down with star Casper Van Dien to chat about a different terror at sea.

Van Dien, who made his name in Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers in 1997, talks to us about the classic sci-fi satire that has now become strangely prophetic in 2020. In Dead Water, however, the actor takes on something of a darker role as John Livingstone, a man who takes his ex-marine friend and wife on a cruise until things take a dark turn. Van Dien says he loves the challenges of playing a bad guy, why the film was enticing to him, and how he took his honeymoon during production given the luscious surroundings the film was set.

We, of course, also talked about Starship Troopers and its continued impact on cinema and the world, and how we in the UK get the film’s satire more than anywhere else.

You can watch our exclusive interview below:

DEAD WATER sees a group of friends terrorised by a pirate on their yacht during a pleasure cruise. Unfortunately for the pirate, one of the group happens to be an ex-Marine who is teetering on the edge. It’s triple-crosses and terror (not to mention antique harpoon guns) from that point on, as the boat plunges into deeper water and an extremely stormy climax.

Dead Water is released on DVD on October 5th.