The newest Bond director, Cary Fukunaga has been giving a little insight into the production of the next instalment.

Fukunaga, who took over the post after Danny Boyle stepped down as the director on Bond 25, revealed in an interview with exactly where they were in the preparation for what could well be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the British spy.

He revealed he had been re-developing the script with stalwart franchise screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade and that the new film will circle back to the story that began with ‘Casino Royale’ in 2006:

“In his first Bond movie, Casino Royale, he brought an incredible amount of vulnerability and humanity to the character, which was a big shift from Pierce Brosnan’s run. In terms of what I can bring to change the character, Bond is on a character arc that started with ‘Casino Royale,’ and I will be carrying that on. There will be changes, I am sure. As in any story, a character has to change in order [to have] a narrative.”

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He also went on to comment that we shouldn’t believe rumours that certain characters like Ben Whishaw’s Q or Christoph Waltz as Blofeld will not be making a return as the screenplay is still very much in development.

“We haven’t finished the screenplay, so there is no way that anyone could know that. Those are two extraordinary actors, so if there is space for them in the story, I would absolutely want them there. But I don’t know yet what it’s going to be… there will be the things in the Bond-verse that you have come to expect. I can’t say too much, though.”

Bond 25’s release, since the reshuffle of directors has been pushed back and is now aiming for a 2020 release.