I’m feeling very Disney today after my day interviewing the cast of The Princess and the Frog so to get home and find out that today, Disney Pixar have released a new image for the sequel to their movie, Cars which came out 2006. Cars wasn’t my favourite Pixar movie, in fact it could be my least favourite come to think of it. I think I’d struggle to pick one but it’s probably A Bug’s Life and I’ve always wanted to see a sequel to it but I know a lot of people out there and a LOT of kids who will be eager to see a second.

This new concept art was released today and shows Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) being followed on a racetrack by a new character (unless my memory from the first movie decives me?). The first movie was directed by John Lasseter. I’m not sure yet who’s going to be taking the reigns for the second movie but I would assume it wont be Lasseter as he’s now creative director for all-things Disney and won’t be able to commit to the schedule to direct a whole movie but no doubt he’ll have a hand in it.

This new art comes from PixarPlanet who give us some idea on the storyline:

Cars 2 (still no mention of World Grand Prix) follows Lightning McQueen and Mater as they travel the globe in their continuing adventures. The plot of Cars 2: The Race of Champions takes the automotive duo to Cars universe parallels of locations in Japan, Italy, Germany, France and England for competition against world class racers! During the course of their globe trotting, Mater is mistaken for a top spy named Finn McMissile, making for some great hijinks.