Here’s come a long way since playing the loving but crazed father in Malcolm in the Middle. Currently winning tons of plaudits for his role as mild mannered science teacher-turned crystal meth “cook” and dealer in TV’s Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston is up for two roles in a couple of high-profile feature films.

Variety is reporting that he’s circling a substantial part in Ben Affleck’s next directorial effort, the true-life hostage rescue drama, Argo. He’ll play one of the leads, an Irish CIA agent who, along with the Canadian government, helped rescue six U.S. diplomats (using a quirky plan of action) after they were taken hostage in Tehran in the late 70’s.

The site also brings news that he’s in negotiations to appear in 40’s LA-set crime drama, The Gangster Squad (a film which, incidentally, Affleck was once down to possible direct). If cast, he’ll join the likes of Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin as members of the aforementioned police team, formed to bring about the end of organised crime and corruption on the West Coast.

Cranston is certainly a busy bloke at the moment. He’s currently working on both the 80’s heavy metal musical, Rock of Ages, and the Total Recall remake (he plays villain, Vilos Cohaagen) and with talk of a fifth series of Breaking Bad on the way, this talented character actor’s schedule may be filled for some time yet.