As is fast becoming the tradition these days several movie sites are each releasing one character poster for a forthcoming film, and The Expendables 2 has quite a cast. The 80s actioners, headed up by Sylvester Stallone, have a few new faces this time around as well as those who made it through the craziness of the first film.

We’ve already seen a shot of Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis unleashes their guns into the faces of an unseen enemies but these new promo shots are rather more polished.

IGN gave us Yu Nan, Coming Soon had Arnie, JoBlo revealed Dolph Lundgren, series newcomer Chuck Norris was MTV‘s to give away and Yahoo gave Van Damme an airing. Collider have just put up Bruce Willis too, and Fandango have let Randy Couture go, Liam Hemsworth came from MovieFone and don’t forget Hitfix have Jason Statham.  We also revealed Jet Li’s character poster right here.

Here they are in all their glory,