U2’s Bono and the man who translated the bible into the version that we know as ‘The Message’ Eugene Peterson have joined forces to create a new documentary based on the book of Psalms. The documentary is titled ‘Bono and Eugene Peterson: THE PSALMS‘ and is the brainchild of Pastor and filmmaker David Taylor.

Peterson is a retired Presbyterian pastor who between 1993 and 2002 published ‘The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language’, a Bible version which is frequently used in churches across the the world to this day.

Set for release online April 26th this year on website resource FullerStudio, the 20 minute film (shot at Peterson’s house in Montana) looks at how the book of Psalms has been a basis for Bono and Peterson’s 15 years friendship as well as how the has had such a heavy influence on Bono’s writing for his music in U2.

A teaser trailer has been released and is embedded below. According to this behind the scenes article, it was Peterson’s book ‘Run With the Horses that got Bono’s attention’. The documentary has been shot live and sees the two men chatting about their thoughts on the 150 Psalms in the Bible.

The same article details some of the ‘rules’ they laid down during filming deciding that the crew would be as minimal as possible, much of the footage seen in the movie was captured in Peterson’s home state of Montana and to capture as much of the real friendship as possible between the two men.

Check out the teaser below (which in all honesty doesn’t show us much other than the fact the two chaps met) and head over to FullerStudio to be alerted when the film becomes available.

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Bono & Eugene Peterson: The Psalms is a Fourth Line Films production, in association with Fuller’s Brehm Center Texas and W. David O. Taylor.