Bob Hoskins

One of our greatest actors, Bob Hoskins, has died of pneumonia at the age of 71. He had announced his retirement from acting in 2012 followed a diagnosis of Parkinsons and the outpouring of affection and good wishes back then is being seen again today as the world reacts to his loss.

He was last seen on the big screen in Snow White and the Huntsman and two years previously in a wonderful role in Nigel Cole’s Made in Dagenham. Known to many for his ToonTown wandering on the case of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? he is perhaps best known for his incendiary performance in The Long Good Friday. Such is the diversity of his work and his ability, he was able to excel in both.

He made everything he was in better, and there’s a plethora of fine roles to look back on, both for his TV work (Pennies from Heaven is essential) and his film work (24/7, Mona Lisa and so on).

Below is a tiny peek behind the curtain of the making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, with a neat look at what Robert Zemeckis put his lead actor through to achieve that never-bettered mix of live action and hand-drawn animation. It also shows Hoskins’ deft touch with a great punchline. Rest in Peace Mr. Hoskins.