UPDATE: Here’s the full trailer and some more character posters, check out the original post below for the others…



More Character Posters

The Huntsman Character Posters 1 The Huntsman Character Posters 2

I mean… it looks fine… and everyone here has done some great work in the past. There’s no reason to dismiss this follow up to the successful, and far more steely than expected, Snow White and The Huntsman film from a couple of years ago.

But big screen fantasy has suffered a lot recently, with all conquering effects-sodden blockbusters enveloping well known stories to CGI-kingdom come. But we have a little more on the sequel with these posters. The Ice Queen and ‘Warrior’ are two newcomers with Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain the two big names Universal have recruited for the new film.


There’s a trailer coming on Wednesday which should give us a little more of an idea about what director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, who directed second unit and headed up the VFX on the first film, has in store for us.

The film is out on the 22nd of April 2016.

Here are the posters in all their gory glory,

The Huntsman Winters War Charlize Theron The Huntsman Winters War Chris Hemsworth

The Huntsman Winters War Emily Blunt The Huntsman Winters War Jessica Chastain