This is one of those casting ideas that always seemed a little too good to be true. Following his dalliance in the worlds of Marvel and the forthcoming secret role in Star Wars: Episode VIII we were all excited to see another franchise hop for Benicio del Toro.

With Shane Black set to reignite the fun-hunting world of The Predator following a lacklustre entry in 2010 the news that the Sicario standout was joining Black’s film was welcome indeed.

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Sadly, it seems that won’t be the case as THR are reporting that del Toro has left the project with rumours of scheduling difficulties being to blame. The actor has a leading role in Soldado, a sequel of sorts to Sicario, in his future which, to be frank, seems like a fairly good use of his time.

But hold! Fox have already let slip that Boyd Holbrook, recently revealed as the main villain in the latest Wolverine film, Logan, is being targeted.

We’ll hope for confirmation of casting soon. Until then we can only imagine what the real star of the show is thinking right now.