Fox recently launched a mysterious Instagram account for Logan, and while it has so far just teased fans with some intriguing images like this one, the biggest reveal yet came today when it offered up a first look at Narcos star Boyd Holbrook as the villainous Donald Pierce.

Up until now, we’ve had no idea who the actor would play, but Pierce is a character with a very interesting history in the source material. There, he’s a cyborg who served as a member of the Hellfire Club, the villainous organisation we first saw on the big screen in X-Men: First Class. He also led the Reavers, a group of evil cyborgs dedicated to wiping out mutants.

Wolverine has clashed with them on countless occasions, so their presence here makes sense despite the fact that neither Pierce nor the Reavers factored into the Old Man Logan storyline it’s thought this movie is loosely based on. The villain certainly doesn’t look too robotic in the image below, so don’t be surprised if some major changes have been made.

Regardless, Logan is shaping up to be very interesting indeed, and the first trailer for the movie can’t get here soon enough based on everything we’ve seen and heard so far.


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