The Nice Guys is arguably one of this summer’s best movies, but it was something of a commercial disappointment for Shane Black following the $1 billion success of Iron Man 3.

However, the filmmaker will likely release a guaranteed hit with his planned reboot of The Predator franchise. While plot details are being kept a secret, it’s been said that it will be an ensemble similar to the original, and we may now know who will be playing the movie’s lead.

Apparently, Guardians of the Galaxy and Sicario star Benicio Del Toro is in talks to join the cast of The Predator, another major role for the actor after 2017’s Star Wars Episode VIII.

Black is currently working on the sequel alongside his The Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker. Not much is known about what they have planned, but the creative team alone makes it easy to get excited about where the Predator will potentially be taken next.

It was reported at one point thatĀ Arnold Schwarzenegger might return for the movie, something fans would definitely appreciate (assuming it turns out better than Terminator Genisys of course). For more on what to expect from The Predator, you can check out our exclusive interview with Black where he explains how it fits into the long running franchise.