Batman Arkham City - CatwomanFrom the very first piece of geek-porn teaser art, gamers have been kept guessing on the extent of Catwoman’s involvement in the sequel to the multi-award winning Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Well, now we know – and whether you’re a fan of the character or not, it looks like Rocksteady Games may have struck the right balance.

The leather-loving, slinky femme fatale will be playable for around 10% of the game and will come with her own set of moves, animations, weapons and gadgets. All her abilities will be upgradeable but to a lesser extent than the Dark Knight’s, and the teaser trailer below shows she’s more than enough of a departure to avoid her sections simply feeling like a Batman with boobs.

Character switching is a notoriously hard thing to get right in even the most beloved of franchises, but with such a contained and seemingly well-thought out side mission, Catwoman should hopefully prove as alluring in-game as she is on-screen and in-comic.