We’re sure to be seeing quite a few of these pictures over the next few months, and it’s refreshing to see a fairly relaxed set out in Abu Dhabi as JJ Abrams’ cameras roll for Star Wars Episode VII. These pictures show off a location familiar to many – the junkyards and shanty towns of Tattooine are now certain to return for the highly-anticipated sequel. No sign of the At-At foot glimpsed recently though…

No doubt rabid fans will scour the pictures for clues but one fairly obvious hint to the sequels’ difference is the massive snarling alien in the first picture. That Abrams was looking to return to a more traditional Star Wars has long be assumed, now this lumbering mass confirms it. Can’t wait to get an action figure of that.

Here is a sampling, TMZ has the lot.

UPDATE: At the request of the studio we’ve taken the pictures down.

I wonder if we’ll get anything like this…

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