With a little over nine months until the release of the new James Bond movie all eyes are on Messrs. Craig and Mendes to deliver another Skyfall-sized hit. As per usual the main villain, his burly sidekick and the obligatory Bond girls have been detailed but what about Bond’s new car?

As revealed in the film’s glitzy launch event the car featuring in our favourite spy’s new caper will be another Aston Martin, this particular model built personally for 007 and is as impressive as Bond himself.

Spectre will be the 24th James Bond movie and Daniel Craig is set to play the starring role for a fourth time. Other stars joining Craig for Spectre include Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista, who will play a henchman (but to whom..?) and Sherlock’s Andrew Scott. The new Bond girls include the very talented Lea Seydoux from France and Italy’s Monica Bellucci.

Director Sam Mendes spoke at the launch event for the film and was joined by the cast members as details were finally revealed about the highly anticipated movie. You can see those interviews, and the unveiling of the title and the car itself, below.

The DB10 will surely play a pivotal role in Bond’s storyline, and the car revealed gives us a glimpse of what future models may look like. This news came soon after it was revealed that Aston Martin would be upgrading the specifications on two of their other top models, the Rapide S and the Vanquish GT. Carmony also reported that one of the major changes will be the introduction of the new eight speed automatic gearbox. Something a little more practical than the invisible car in Die Another Day…

The choice of car for the world’s best super spy has varied throughout the years from Roger Moore’s Lotus Esprit in the 1976 hit The Spy Who Loved Me, to the slightly less elegant Raja BE tuk-tuk used in 1983’s Octopussy. An Aston Martin V8 was used in 1985 for The Living Daylights and another in the form of a DB5 in 1995, as Pierce Brosnan played the role of Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies. After that BMW took centre stage with a Z3 and a Z8, but in 2002 Aston Martin made a prestigious comeback and hasn’t looked back since.

Some of the series’ finest moments come from the tremendously filmed chase sequences, here are just a few of those.

James Bond’s debonair persona is mirrored by the car he drives and the women he ends up with. Whether he is tearing up the streets of India or cruising down a country lane in England, Bond’s car needs to look splendid and be strong enough to withstand his reckless nature and the Aston Martin ticks all the right boxes.

As for a post-Spectre set of wheels? We’ll have to see what Aston Martin have got lined up for us when Bond 25 rolls around.