Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees tested our resolve with their uncommonly moving documentary on the life and legacy of Arton Senna a few years ago. Now they return with another sterling account of a life lived in the public eye, however with the one and only Amy Winehouse nothing is as simple as it seems.

Kapadia, Gay-Rees and Editor Chris King have been rightly celebrated for wrenching the name of Amy Winehouse from the poisonous tabloid whirl and back into the light. It is a raw, unflinching look at one of our generation’s greatest natural talents eroding under unrelenting pressure from without and a black hole of troubles from within.

We spoke to the three aforementioned filmmakers along with Amy’s first manager, and one of the few positive influences in her life according to the film, Nick Shymansky.

Our 5 star review is here, and our interviews are below.

Asif Kapadia

Editor Chris King

Producer James Gay-Rees


Nick Shymansky