Green Goblin DeHaan

Weta Workshop have released a brief video taking a look at how they created the Green Goblin’s (played by Dane DeHaan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2) costume, glider and make-up effects.

As you can see, his appearance was originally set to be far closer to the comic books – seemingly a cross between the classic costume and the mutated version from the Ultimate line of Spider-Man titles¬†– but they scrapped this in favour of a version which hasn’t sat well with some fans.

In a recent interview, DeHaan said of the redesign for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, “The first test we did was more cartoony,¬†but we wanted to bring it more into the organic, realistic world that Marc Webb created.”

That’s perhaps why the completely green face was replaced by the scarred version with the slicked back hair which was supposed to resemble the hood the character wears in the comic books. Whether Harry Osborn’s appearance will evolve into something a little closer to the designs below remains to be seen…

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