Ghostbuster-advertI love the old behind the scenes stuff. Back in the ’80s it was the only way to get a peek at the forthcoming films and so many of us gained a serendipitous knowledge of the movie production business, albeit through the lens of the studio marketing departments.

Now these production videos are at the forefront of the movie marketing and thus the feeling of discovery has been lost. Which is exactly why I was very pleased to stumble on this short outtake video from Ghostbusters, in particular this is the raw footage from the cheesy ‘We’re ready to believe YOU’ advert which airs as the ‘Busters are on the first wave of popularity.

It’s short, simple and a little sweet to see the world of Ghostbusters opened up just a little bit more. And what’s with the hushed agreement on the name halfway through – Ghostblasters? Ghoststoppers? Presumably this was shot before the name was cleared and thus we’re seeing a couple of the alternatives.

Take a look,

Here’s how it looked in the movie,

Imagine – you could have had this on your bedroom wall…


Thanks to community-minded Redditor Coolcoolcool2009 for his prompt.