Alien Isolation is the latest game from Sega based on the Alien films. Unexpectedly it’s actually really rather good, and works hard to be more like the films and less like other games.

It restores the sense of fear and forboding that existed in Ridley Scott’s original Alien movie, partially by giving the alien itself its due. After years of being cannon fodder for anyone with a plasma rifle in numerous shooters, this alien is impossible to kill for most of the game and must be avoided at all costs.

Combine this with visuals and music that evoke the late 70s vision of the future seen in Scott’s film and Alien Isolation washes away the bitter taste of recent gaming disasters featuring the Xenomorphs.

For those of us not fully versed in video-games, or perhaps wanting a succinct run down on what this game is actually like, this 2 minute guide covers the highs and lows while you watch choice moments from the game.