‘The Current War’ director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon has been handed the baton to helm Walter Cronkite pic ‘Newsflash’ which stars Chris Pine as the US anchorman.

Gomez-Rejon fills the void left by ‘Stronger’ director, David Gordon Green who was initially in place to helm the project.

The film will focus on the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas, a day in which Cronkite rose to fame due to with his calm yet emotional investigative reporting on what was happening on the ground as events unfolded on that fateful day.  Even though he wasn’t the first to break the news, it was his demeanour that won the trust of the US audience that was reeling from shock.

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The drama is said to revolve around Cronkite, his producer Don Hewitt, their boss Jim Aubrey, and Dan Rather, a young newsman who happened to be in Texas and who first distinguished himself as a dogged reporter as he and other journalists frantically dug for truth after reports went over the wire that gunfire rang out in the vicinity of the president’s motorcade. The structure of the film is to play out in real-time.

Former Warner Bros Production chief, Greg Silverman is set to produce under his new company Stampede Ventures alongside Adam Kolbrenner. The screenplay has been written by Ben Jacoby, There have been no other additions made to the cast as yet but Silverman, at last report was said to be eyeing Mark Ruffalo to play the role of Don Hewitt and Bryan Cranston as Jim Aubrey.

Principal shooting is planned for February next year in New York.

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