Yesterday the foremost Star Wars rumour site Making Star Wars posted a story about the composer of Rogue One. The site were typically cautious in their report that assumed composer Alexandre Depslat may not still be involved. Today we have an update on that story – Desplat is still set to compose the film, and will begin his work in a few weeks.

Certainly we’ve heard less about the first Star Wars Story anthology film than expected, even seeing more set pics and footage from Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII – at least until last week’s Rogue One trailer dropped. Hopefully as the Disney marketing machine moves away from The Force Awakens we’ll start to see more of the intriguing standalone film.

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We caught up with the composer at the UK premiere of Florence Foster Jenkins and asked him about his involvement with Rogue One. It’s a short but sweet confirmation that Desplat is still working on the film and that he’ll start work in a few weeks. He also talks about seeing the trailer and his confidence Gareth Edwards to make ‘a beautiful film’.

Here’s Cassam Looch on the red carpet asking the question,

You can see our full interview with Desplat, Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep and more at the Florence Foster Jenkins premiere on the site shortly.