Way back in late November, we posted a story of Adrien Brody’s successful court battle against the makers of Giallo – the 2008 Dario Argento he headlined, and didn’t receive the money he was owned, by the producers

The court was found to be in favour of Brody, who was owed $640,000. That settlement (as reported by Deadline) has now been reached and the film can finally be released via DVD by its U.S. distributor, Maya Entertainment.

This statement (given by one of the producers, Richard Riondo Del Castro) is a typical PR repair job.

“I am glad to put this behind us and move forward with Adrien on the release of the film. He’s (Brody) not only the star of the film, but a creative guiding force and a faithful production partner.”

So it’s a happy ending for Brody, although given the general all-round critical drubbing the film received upon initial release (with many singling out his OTT performance as a big weakness of the film), it may have been better for the actor’s career if the settlement remained unresolved for as long as possible.

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