Why put up one poster when you can put up 11 right?! Vertigo Films have sent us a brand new quad poster and 10 other character posters for their new movie, Street Dance 2. The first movie turned out to be one of the most successful independent British movies of all time bringing in £6.6m at the UK Box office. This new offering brings more awesome dance moves but time will tell if the sequel can be as successful as it’s predecessor. Streetdance 3D was released at the height of all things dance as Britain’s Got Talent was sweeping the nation with new and exciting moves and the likes of Flawless and eventual winners of that season being Susan Boyle in the process, Diversity. That was a fair while ago now and I’m, not sure the movies ill have the longevity that it’s makers hope it does but I hope am I completely wrong and it blows the other one out of the water.

When top street dancer Ash (Hentschel) is humiliated and laughed off stage by American crew Invincible, he sets off to gather the best dancers from around the world to take them on – with a dance style they weren’t expecting.  With landmark locations, a spectacular fusion of dance styles and an unparalleled vibrancy, the sequel to STREETDANCE sees our hero fall in love with a beautiful salsa dancer as he discovers the magic, power and passion of dancing for the ultimate global dance off.

StreetDance 2 3D is set for release March 30th, is Directed by Dania Pasquini, Max Giwa and stars George Sampson, Tom Conti, Jess Liaudin, Sofia Boutella, Stephanie Nguyen and Falk Hentschel.

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