It’s been almost a year since we first saw Chris Evans wield The Shield as Captain America, and while small children have spent the interceding months running around with a dis of their own, those of us who have (in theory) grown up have had to make do with a painted bin lid and an active imagination. Fortunately, the nice chaps at eFX collectibles are about to come to our rescue.

Due to arrive in the first quarter of this year, their newly announced range of Marvel collectibles will allow even the biggest of kids to re-enact the comic publisher-cum-studio’s movies.

Full details are yet to be released, but we do know that products available at launch will include Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s mask, and of course, Captain America’s shield and cowl. Unfortunately with prices between and ,500, most of these goodies are only going to be available to the richest of fans, but you could always sell your computer/car/flat. I certainly plan to, and I’m sure Steve Rogers would approve.



Hat tip: The wonderful Vicki Isitt