A Babysitter's Guide

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting is out now on Netflix and to mark the launch of this entertaining adventure flick, we had the pleasure of speaking to the two leading ladies, the young duo of Oona Laurence and Tamara Smart. We also discussed the project with the director herself, Rachel Talalay.

Watch our interviews below as Smart tells us about being starstruck in the presence of Tom Felton, and Laurence talks about the duty for young performers in the public eye to use their voice for change – while Talalay talks about establishing the tone for the movie, which is something that should come all too easily for a former director of Doctor Who.

Oona Laurence and Tamara Smart interview

Rachel Talalay interview


Recruited by a secret society of babysitters, a high schooler battles the Boogeyman and his monsters when they nab the boy she’s watching on Halloween.

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting is available to watch on Netflix now