It’s been 30 years in the making and we’re finally here… 21st October 2015; the date Marty McFly travelled into the future  in Back to the Future Part: II revealing fax machines in every room, flying cars, hoverboards, power laces, Jaws 19 and of course all kids wearing their pants inside out!

If films like Back to the Future and The Goonies did not exist, nor would this website you are reading now. It was these two films (and numberous others like them) which got Jon and I chatting about movies in the first place when we worked for a investment company and how times have changed since then but our roots will forever be remembered and today is a day we can thank Back to the Future once again paying tribute to the wonderful movie.

We want to thank Back to the Future and all those who made it so special. To the brilliant cast, Bob Gale for writing such a wonderfully original story, Robert Zemeckis for his brilliant direction and Steve Spielberg for providing his insight as Producer to make it one of the most loved movie(s) of all-time.

Since we started, we’ve had our fair share of Back to the Future experiences. To celebrate the 30 years, we recently attended the Back to the Future live event at the Royal Albert Hall which if you missed you can read here.

Back to the Future LiveWe also went along to London Film and Comic which was attendede by Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and may more of the cast. If you missed the press conference, for that, you can catch watch it below or there’s more photos here.

Back to the Future 30th AnniversaryBack to the Future 30th Anniversary

Harry Waters Jr. Sings Earth Angel to us!


Back to the Future The Ultimate Visual History (1)The internet is becoming a wash of all things Back to the Future and we’ll be updating this post throughout the day. If you haven’t already seen it, we’re running a competition to win a copy of Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History book. It really is fantastic. Vanity Fair put some images from it in an article a couple of days ago. Here’s a few of our favourites. The image above is the photo that was used for the cover of Back to the Future: Part II. We’d never seen it before this book was released.

We also got to chat with many of the supporting cast

Elijah Wood on the approaching (now here!) date in which he meets himself – Even though he get the date wrong


BTTF Courtesy of The Internet!

A Message from Doc Brown ‘The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!’

A wonderful, nostalgic look back with Michael J. Fox on Letterman.

If Back to the Future was filmed in actual 2015

Back to the Future Kids Car

Here’s what USA Today are doing… wrapping their Oct 21st issue in this familiar cover.


Here’s Mad Magazine’s take on the first film.

mad magazine bttf

And The Simpsons Episode Bart to the Future was rated by Entertainment Weekly as the Worst. Episode. Ever. It has since been hailed as less a comedy programme and more a Nostradramatic warning we failed to heed.

bart to the future

Also essential viewing today is the three part filmumentary from Jamie Benning on the making of the film. Check out his other films as well – the Star Wars ones in particular are mind-blowing.



Here’s Michael J. Fox looking smooth and very 80s on Wogan in 1985. H/T to WhyDon’tYouTube.