It was recently revealed that Taron Egerton will be shooting Kingman: The Secret Service 2 before he takes on the title role in Robin Hood: Origins, and Fox has now set a release date of┬áJune 16th, 2017 for it. While Matthew Vaughn is currently hard at work writing the screenplay, it has not yet been confirmed that he’ll direct, though comic book creator Mark Millar has strongly suggested that the filmmaker will indeed be returning to take the helm.

That’s welcome news, especially as the Kick-Ass sequel didn’t fare particularly well without Vaughn in the director’s chair. Little is known about the Kingsman 2 at this stage, in part because Millar and artist Dave Gibbons have yet to reteam for a comic book follow-up.

Vaughn has previously indicated that the sequel will revolve around the American arm of Kingsman though, something which should offer up an interesting new dynamic to the very English first instalment. Egerton is the only confirmed cast member so far, though it’s thought that Colin Firth will be returning in some capacity, despite his character’s grisly end.

Surprisingly, Fox still has Fantastic Four 2 dated for June 2017, though that’s a long way off from being in development based on recent comments from Simon Kinberg and widely denied rumours that the rights to the characters are heading back to Marvel Studios.

Regardless, Kingsman 2 getting a release date is well worth getting excited about, and we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest on this highly anticipated sequel the second it’s released…