Sci-Fi-London celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and with a varied programme that includes premieres, all-nighters, panels and of course the 48 Hour Film Challenge, this looks set to be their biggest year yet.

Running from the 23rd of April to the 2nd of May the festival features a number of interesting films including world and UK premieres. The line up was added to the festival website in full today and there are some interesting choices from the looks of things. Sitting alongside fiction films such as James Gunn’s Super, the notorious Uwe Boll’s Blubberella and the intriguing Beyond the Black Rainbow, there are documentaries such as Let There Be Light, a film about the making John Carpenter’s Dark Star, and the conspiracy theory doc The Truth is Out There.

Also featured on the line up are a number of all-nighters including ones themed around Anime, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and even the Royal Wedding and on Friday the 29th you can sample the dubious delights of Dinoshark and Sharktopus in a Roger Corman double-bill.

Check out the full line up below and keep your eyes peeled for more coverage of Sci-Fi-London at HeyUGuys.

Tickets for Sci-Fi-London are now on sale. Head over to the official site for more details.

Saturday 23rd April
25 years of John Constantine: Hellblazer 5:00PM
Your Days Are Numbered – The Maths of Death 8:30PM

Sunday 24th April
The SCI-FI-LONDON Easter Parade 12:00PM
The Gerber Syndrome 5:30PM
100 Mornings 8:00PM

Monday 25th April
We Are All Cylons – dystopian TV revisited 5:00PM
Shorts Programme 1 5:15PM
Robotica 7:30PM
Beyond the Black Rainbow 7:30PM

Tuesday 26th April
Earth 2.0: Initialization Event 6:30PM
Shorts Programme 2 6:30PM
Gantz 8:10PM
The Corridor 8:30PM

Wednesday 27th April
The Show Must Go On 6:30PM
Arthur C. Clarke Award 7:30PM
Recreator 8:30PM

Thursday 28th April
The Arcadian 6:30PM
Blubberella 6:30PM
Professor Richard Wiseman at Foyles 6:30PM
London Girl Geek Dinners 6:30PM
Nydenion 8:40PM
Royal Wedding All-Nighter 11:00PM

Friday 29th April
Dinoshark and Sharktopus – Roger Corman Double Bill 3:00PM
Atlantis Down 7:00PM
Outstanding – the sci-fi-london comedy night 9:00PM
SCI-FI-LONDON @ The BFI IMAX All Nighter 11:30PM

Saturday 30th April
Genre Film Campus 10:00AM
Comic @ SCI-FI-LONDON 10:00AM
Let There Be Light 3:00PM
Bringing Life to Space 5:00PM
The Truth is Out There 6:00PM
DER GOLEM with live soundtrack by SAWCHESTRA 7:00PM
Pig 9:00PM
MANGA 20th Anniversary Anime All-nighter 50% Sold11:45PM
MST3K All nighter 11:00PM
Fantascienza All nighter 11:45PM

Sunday 1st May
Comic @ SCI-FI-LONDON 10:00AM
The Gerber Syndrome 1:30PM
Shorts Programme 3 3:00PM
Lunopolis 3:30PM
Zenith 5:30PM
You Are Here 6:00PM
Transfer 7:45PM

Monday 2nd May
Escape to Witch Mountain 12:15PM
Maximum Shame 4:15PM
Super 7:00PM