12 Hour Shift

12 Hour Shift is a fine example of a comedy horror that delivers on both fronts. To mark its release we had the pleasure of speaking to (fellow Brit) Chloe Farnworth, who plays a schemer embroiled in the dark and dangerous world of organ-trading.

Chatting to us on Zoom, Farnworth talks about playing an all-American character, and comments on the playful edge to this production. She talks about her research into the role, and on co-stars WWE legend Mick Foley and David Arquette, telling us all about the day the latter brought in a donkey to the set (as you do).

Watch the full interview with Chloe Farnworth here:


It’s 1998 and over the course of one night at an Arkansas hospital, a
junkie nurse, her scheming cousin and a group of black market organ-trading
criminals get caught up in a heist gone wrong.
12 HOUR SHIFT is in theaters across the US, and on demand, from October 2nd, 2020.