It may now feel as if we’re in a golden age of superhero movies thanks to Marvel Studios and their cinematic universe (not to mention Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel and the very exciting plans for Superman to face off against Batman in 2016), but it’s important to remember that the genre wasn’t always as good or even as beloved as it is nowadays.

There was a time when a good superhero movie was a rarity, and comic book fans had to endure years of terrible movies before things started looking up with the mention of a certain “Avengers Initiative”. As if that wasn’t bad enough though, such terrible releases were often successful enough to warrant a sequel, leading to even more crushing disappointment, especially if the first had been good and the cash grab which followed left a bad taste in everyone’ mouth!

So, here’s our rundown of just ten of the worst superhero sequels to ever grace the big screen. We’re sure you all have your own thoughts and feelings on these, so be sure to let us know what you think – and whether we’ve missed any – below!


10. Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Look, there’s no denying that Bryan Singer’s intentions were good when it came to Superman Returns, but his efforts to recapture the magic of Richard Donner’s classic Superman movies would prove to be an ill-advised decision for a modern audience. Paying homage to outdated movies which many younger viewers may have never seen wasn’t smart, and comic book fans who had become used to incredible special effects and action were no longer wowed by just believing that a man could fly. Lex Luthor’s dull plan, a Superman who never even threw a punch and a peculiar (and now much ridiculed) storyline which saw the Man of Steel spying on his ex – as well as being a deadbeat dad – capped off one of the worst big screen outings for the iconic DC superhero ever.