2016 will see the release of some huge superhero movies like Batman v Superman, Captain America 3, Doctor Strange and X-Men: Apocalypse. However, it’s not all about the good guys that year as we’ll also be getting a number of supervillain movies, a new avenue which studios are beginning to explore.

While anti-hero Deadpool will start 2016, two teams of villains which finish off the year with DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad and Sony’s planned The Amazing Spider-Man spin-off, Sinister Six.

If this is set to become a new part of the genre, we’re either going to end up with a number of forced supervillain-centric movies or the chance to explore a different and fascinating side of the Marvel and DC Universes. Hopefully, it’s the latter, and here were present you with ten of our favourite possibilities.

10. Doctor Doom

Dr Doom

We’ll be getting a new origin story for Doctor Doom in Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four reboot next year (where he’ll be played by British actor Tony Kebbell), but if 20th Century Fox want to start expanding the franchise with some spin-off movies, one focusing on this iconic supervillain would be a smart idea.

With any luck, the 2015 release will make Doom’s Latverian roots a big part of Victor Von Doom’s story because a solo outing exploring his childhood and rise to power in that nation – with the latter scenes being set after the events of The Fantastic Four – could lead to a movie which offers up a  dark and revealing examination of how an innocent boy grows up to be a tyrant. It could also potentially set up a Fantastic Four sequel…