A lot of directors use Twitter to tease their movies, though those helming comic book movies are the ones who most often make headlines with tantalising glimpses which get fans really excited for what’s to come.

Over the past year or so, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has revealed everything from Batman to the Batmobile and a fully suited up Henry Cavill getting soaked for the ice bucket challenge.

Along the way, he has also sent out some strange set photos with a Star Wars twist, including Henry Cavill’s Superman wielding a lighsaber and Batman and R2-D2 on what appeared to be a distant planet (it would later be revealed to be two action figures on a piece of ground near where the crew were shooting).

Last night, silly rumours started doing the rounds that one of the Batmobiles on the Detroit set of Batman v Superman had been stolen. This was quickly debunked by local police, but a few hours later, Snyder took to Twitter to reveal the culprit and we get another great shot of the vehicle and whodunnit…it’s a Stormtroper!