With X-Men First Class finally available on Blu-Ray this week (check out our review here), we got a chance to talk to our favourite teleporting Devil-a-like, Jason Flemyng.

Given how many films the man’s been in over a 20 year long career, the hardest part of interviewing him is staying on the subject at hand and resisting the temptation to ask about Stardust, or Ironclad or Spice World.

Fortunately X-Men First Class, and Flemyng’s relationship with the film’s director Matthew Vaughn, are particularly interesting subjects. That said, we did find the time to ask whether we would be seeing Azazel again in an X-Sequel, and about his desire to produce films as well as act.

And if this doesn’t sate your desire for behind the scenes gossip on X-Men: First Class, check out Children of the Atom, the remarkably frank and forthright documentary on the Blu-Ray. It’s absolutely fascinating.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwyPNenY7uk’]