While much has been said of Logan being Hugh Jackman’s very last outing at Wolverine, it’s also said to be the final time we’ll witness Sir Patrick Stewart take on the role of Charles Xavier – and he told HeyUGuys exclusively, that if this is the very last time, there’s no better way to bow out.

Stewart, as engaging and affable as one would have hoped for him to be – discusses with us whether he felt that Logan, which is tonally very different to the rest of the films that make up the X-Men franchise, had the feel of a unique project. He also talked about the vulnerability to the character he knows so well, and how it has been explored in this James Mangold endeavour, and whether the bleak tone of the film was reflected on set, despite being around the entertaining duo of Jackman and Stephen Merchant.

LoganHe also spoke about how he has approached the role differently since James McAvoy portrayed Charles as a younger man – claiming that “the most flattering thing in my career was to find that somebody could imagine that once upon a time I was James McAvoy. How adorable.” Talking of which, Stewart can next be seen lending his indelible vocal talents to The Emoji Movie, where he plays ‘Poop’. We couldn’t help but ask him about that one.

Logan is released on March 1st.